Kiss Kiss Salon
Curly Girl Specialists · Deva Advanced Stylists
5416 N Maryland Avenue
​Portland, OR 97217

10 am - 6 pm
Mondays by appointment

"embrace what you were born with because it's beautiful"
Deva Advanced Stylists Are
​Certified Curly Girl Specialists

Come Over to the Curly Side & Love Your Hair!
You've got curly hair and are looking to make peace with it. It’s curly, it’s complicated, it’s fun, and we get it.
DevaCurl products are all inspired by conversations with real people and the stories of their hair.
And our stylists won't just give you amazing curls, they'll teach you how to create them on your own! 
​We help people believe in the very simple idea of loving their curls in their own way. It’s not dogma, it’s Deva®.
Curly hair is bold, natural, beautiful, and it’s our mission to celebrate your unique curls.
Salon Services
In addition to Deva curly cuts, we cut all sorts of hair in all the ways that delight you, and offer expert coloring and other treatments. The private, upstairs spa suites offer body treatments, including Massage and Body Waxing. We also stock a large selection of DevaCurl products, so you can keep your curly look rocking every day.


Massage Therapy on-site with
Rebecca Bulleri, LMT
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Body Waxing

Body Waxing for women & men
with Lisa Wittwer
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Expert Coloring

Meet The Talent
Sarah Stevens
Deva Advanced Stylist
Sarah offers: 
· DevaCut
· Pintura Highlighting
· No-Poo Transformation Service

With 30 years of experience, Sarah is the red-headed, curly haired proprietress of Kiss Kiss Salon. She started out as a curly specialist, apprenticing at Alder West, where she spent seven years. She then did a two-year stint in New York City, at Classic Cuts, working with Roger Thompson trained professionals. Back home in Portland she spent 15 years as the co-proprietress , with Lee Conrad, of Conrad Stevens 4 Hair in NW.

Over ten years ago, she purchased the 1902 house in North Portland that became Kiss Kiss, to reinvest in her neighborhood and community. Sarah was on the early cusp of the curly girl revolution, training with Lorraine Massey.

A creative maestro in the kitchen and on the dance floor, Sarah uses her intuitive understanding of flavor and visual profiles to help you achieve what you desire from your own visual profile. She is also a master colorist (Goldwell Color).

Kym Lanzetta 
Deva Advanced Stylist
​​Kym offers: 
· DevaCut
· Deva Curl Product Pro Tips
· Pintura Highlighting
· No-Poo Transformation Service

The curl doctor is in!

Not only does Kym have 30 years experience cutting curly hair in salons in NYC, Berlin and Portland, along the way she earned a B.A. in Art History and a Ph.D. in German Studies.

So while she gives you an expert cut for your curly or wavy hair, if you are so inclined you can chat about Modern Art movements and German Literature!

In her native NYC, Kym apprenticed with Sassoon Creative Director, Roger Thompson, and worked in the Roger Thompson Salon at Barneys. She is also a Deva Curl Advanced Stylist and Deva Curl Product Pro.

Lee Conrad
Deva Inspired Stylist
Lee offers: 
· DevaCut
· No-Poo Transformation Service

Lee has been keeping Portland beautiful for over 30 years. A second-generation hairdresser and proprietor, he spent several years at the Hair Zoo in NW back in the day, and fifteen years as co-proprietor, with Sarah Stevens, of Conrad Stevens 4 Hair.

Lee has a B.A. in Art History, and puts his artistic sensibilities to work for his clients. Goldwell Color trained, Lee has stories for days, so there is never a dull moment in his chair…

Martina Colon 
Deva Advanced Stylist
​​Martina offers: 
· DevaCut
· Pintura Highlighting
· No-Poo Transformation Service

A second-generation hairdresser, Martina is a local girl trained in Portland. She came to Kiss Kiss from Richard Herrera, where she was Goldwell Color trained, and is also Deva trained.

Mom of a curly haired girl, Martina loves kids, and also has a great love of the outdoors-- a true Northwesterner.
The Kiss Kiss Salon
A 1902 North Portland house, carefully updated with sustainability in mind, includes a beautiful water-wise garden and a rotating gallery of local artists curated by Vernissage Fine Art
Several pieces by Portland sculpture artist Zoe Bacon create interest and intimacy in the year round garden. It's an eclectic space that is warm and welcoming, and busy with clients from across the greater Portland Metropolitan area. come make yourself at home!

Just getting started?
Read the book that started a hair revolution!

"Curly Girl, The Handbook" is an essential read for curly folks. Learn how to care for your special hair correctly - maybe for the first time in your life!

Find Us in North Portland!
5416 N Maryland Avenue
​Portland, OR 97217

Take the Yellow Line! The Killingsworth MAX station (stop ID 11503/11512)  is two blocks from your best haircut ever. TriMet bus stop 3169/3170 is at the same intersection.

Driving Directions
From I-5 South
Take the Killingsworth/Swan Island Exit 303 and turn right at the stop sign onto N Alberta Street. Go 3 blocks to N. Interstate Ave. and turn right. Proceed 4 blocks to Killingsworth St. and make a right. Make the first right onto N Maryland Ave. and look for a place to park.
We are in the block between Emerson and Killingsworth streets. Call us at 503-289-3699 if you get lost.

From I-5 North
Take the Killingsworth/Swan Island Exit 303 and turn left at the stop sign onto N Alberta Street. Go 4 blocks (count the freeway) and turn right onto N Interstate Avenue. Proceed 4 blocks to N Killingsworth Street and make a right. Make the first right onto N Maryland Avenue and look for a place to park.​
We are in the block between Emerson and Killingsworth streets. Call us at 503-289-3699 if you get lost.